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That's pretty random really :P
I went to a hospital today and there was a little girl there, she was really cute and she had to get a mask to help her breath. I swear she was only fourteen months and she screamed soo bad when she had to have the mask. I felt bad for her so I got up and picked up her bunny cause' her mom was having trouble holding her

Sorry for the random story, just sayin'. Idunno, terrible twos and all, I think all kids have their moments haha


It's my first time here and I wanted to tell you that I like reading your blog and I can relate being the mother of an adorable but strong willed and quick-witted 4-year old daughter.


Thank you for visiting! Daughters create lots of fun material to write about :)


Thanks for the story Surge. Random ones are the best sometimes.


Total honesty, John-boy! She never knew it, so it doesn't exist:
Losing voice from screaming
Tongue ulcers from too much sugar
Tummy ache from too many donoughts
Zits from too much chocolate...

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