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I think, if you use the top half of the image, it looks really nice. It's just the bottom where they yellow are really banded together - I love your photo!

It's weird that me and my friends were just sitting in Subway talking about the people who take the food pictures. I didn't know they needed proffesional food set up and all that junk until then.


Surge - you know, you're right. It didn't occur to me but it would make sense to just use the top half. Thanks for the tip.

Yi Shun

But this is all sweetness, except for those creepy butter-popcorn flavored Jelly Bellies. What about the spice? Find me some peppers!


There are no pop-corn flavored ones in the bunch I bought - that was an assortment in a different dispenser :) I'll do a little spice next time.

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